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Import & Export Anything From Lebanon To USA

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Alhousamgroup's approach to delivering industry-specific expertise and high added value is a proactive strategy that recognizes
the diverse needs of import and export in different sectors.

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Randa Matar

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We Ship Your Goods Safely

Because our family-run business has been in the shipping industry for nearly 20 years, few companies are better placed to help you navigate the increasingly complex process of importing and exporting goods worldwide. While the world seems a lot smaller than it was when we started our company in 2002, the hassles of dealing with paperwork, permits, rules and regulations are bigger than ever before. And that's where our expertise comes in.

We not only take on the task of helping you reduce paperwork, but we also help you cut costs and prevent any delays when you're moving goods and cargo. All you need to do is sit back and wait for your ship to come in.


Import & Export From Lebanon To USA



Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy, flavorful oil made from pressed olives, commonly used in cooking, salad dressings. Olive oil is a liquid fat derived from olives, widely used in cooking and as a salad dressing.


Spices and Herbs

Herbs are natural flavoring agents derived from plants, seeds, or roots, enhancing culinary dishes with aroma and ground plant parts like seeds, bark. Herbs are leafy greens, fresh or dried.



Soap is a cleansing product, usually in bar or liquid form, made from fats or oils, used for personal hygiene. Soaps come in different forms, such as bar soap, liquid soap, and various specialty soaps.



Ornamental accessories made from metals, gemstones, worn for adornment, worn for adornment, self-expression, and cultural significance earrings, often made from precious metals.


Handmade Carpets

Artful floor coverings, handmade carpets showcase intricate patterns, craftsmanship, and cultural heritage, adding beauty and warmth to interior spaces.


Music and Instruments

Music, a universal language, transcends cultures, emotions, and time. Instruments produce melodious sounds, shaping the symphonies that resonate through human souls.

Lebanon To USA

As if they were our own

Export And Import

Export and Import refer to international trade practices. Export involves selling goods or services to foreign markets, while Import is the purchase of foreign goods or services for domestic use. These activities drive global commerce and economic exchange.


Trade Route Navigation

Trade route navigation involves the planning, operation, and management of pathways used for the transportation of goods and services, connecting markets and facilitating international trade. It encompasses route selection, logistics, and navigation technology.


Unlocking Global Trade

"Unlocking Global Trade" refers to the process of removing barriers and constraints that hinder or limit international trade. This includes reducing trade tariffs, simplifying customs procedures, promoting fair trade practices, and creating opportunities for businesses to access global markets.

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Randa Matar

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Reliable Logistic & Transport Solutions

Need more information on importing and exporting through Lebanon? The links below will provide you with knowledge on everything you need to know about importing and exporting including biosecurity, importing road vehicles, pets, etc.

Trade Barriers
Labeling/Marking Requirements
Customs Regulations
Trade Agreements
Licensing Requirements for Professional Services
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Reliable Imports, Seamless Exports


"From Global Treasures to Your Doorstep: Pioneering Import and Export Excellence."

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Every industry has its own Import & Export needs, which is why Alhousamgroup constantly innovate to deliver the specific expertise required with a high added value that are a perfect fit with today’s logistics requirements in a range of different sectors.


What Our Customers Says

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Alejandro Rodriguez International Business Consultant

Alhousamgroup's expertise and unwavering commitment were remarkable. Their industry knowledge shone in project management, offering invaluable guidance and quick responses to our queries.

Isabella Martinez Trade Compliance Manager

"Embark on a journey to success through our unparalleled expertise, unwavering dedication, and innovative solutions. Your path to excellence starts with us."

Henrik Andersen Import-Export Manager

In summary, my experience with Alhousamgroup was outstanding. I wholeheartedly recommend their import-export services. Their professionalism, reliability, and client dedication are exceptional.

Sophia Petrov Customs Broker

Alhousamgroup's exceptional transparency made us feel part of the journey, not just observers. Their reliability was a guiding light in international trade, ensuring safety, legality, and efficiency.